Tungsten Carbide Knives Features

Tungsten Carbide Knives Features picture

Tungsten carbide is made of carbide and metal binder which has a high flame point and high hardness by powder metallurgy method, carbide hardness at room temperature up to 89 ~ 93HRA, when at 540 ℃ for 82 ~ 87HRA, and the hardness of the same high-speed steel at room temperature. tungsten carbide knives speeds up to 100 ~ 300m / min, life is several times to the high-speed steel, used to make reamers, broaches, drills, knives and other complex systems tools, is a major the tool material, which has been widely used in industrial applications.

Tungsten carbide knives account for 70% of the total on the world , diamond, cubic boron nitride and other super hard tools accounted for about 3%, while the high-speed steel cutting tools are 1% to 2% annual rate of reduction, the proportion has to 30% or less. Tungsten carbide knives material and structural materials as a widely used, with a series of excellent performance characteristics:

1. High hardness and good wear resistance and red hardness.
2. High elastic modulus at room temperature rigidity.
3. The high compressive strength, thermal conductivity coefficient.
4. The chemical stability, strong part Carbide acid capacity, high temperature oxidation is not obvious.
5. The low initial impact resistance and thermal expansion coefficient..

These characteristics of tungsten carbide knives, make it occupy an important position in wear-resistant materials, high temperature materials area, and tungsten carbide knives in the field of high-speed processing also plays an important role.