Fine Grain Tungsten Carbide Knives

TFine crystal cemented carbide tool picture

WC-Co cemented carbide due to its high wear resistance, high hardness, excellent fracture toughness and transverse rupture strength, are widely used in cutting tools, dies and mining machinery fields. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronics, precision machining, aerospace manufacturing, ordinary carbide can not meet the requirements, and WC-Co tungsten carbide knives to improve performance is to reduce the grain size of the main, it has experienced a common alloy, carbide and even sub-micron carbide nano three stages of development.

Fine grain tungsten carbide knives make WC as the hard phase, Co as a binder phase, use of a new fine-grained WC-Co cemented carbide made of carbide. When the WC-Co cemented carbide of WC hard phase grain size is less than 0.2μm, the size of the Co binder phase into the nano-scale, it has high strength and high "double high" hardness ordinary performance and submicron carbide is difficult to achieve, transverse rupture strength of the alloy (average by 1600MPa to 4000MPa), hardness also increased significantly (by HRA89 to HRA93), greatly improved wear resistance, tool life can be increased 3 to 10 times above; alloy grain refinement to improve the microstructure and properties of epitaxial growth of surface coatings. : When the WC grain size is small enough, and achieve ultra-fine grain size, the carbide hardness and strength can be greatly improved, to achieve a unified high hardness and high strength. Ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide knives has a high hardness, high strength and wear resistance, therefore, fine grain tungsten carbide knives in the practical application has shown a clear advantage.

Fine grain tungsten carbide knives can be processed only ferrous metals, but also hardened steel, corrosion resistant stainless steel, high-temperature aerospace alloy, wood, glass fiber, etc., and can be made cutting blade and overall tungsten carbide knives, to precision machining efficiently. In advanced tool material, which has been dominant. Ultra-fine grain carbide is suitable for high-speed steel cutting tools and wear due to vibration caused by insufficient case of wear or too low due to inappropriate use of traditional cutting carbide carbide traditional use. For some coated blade can not play its superiority cases, this material can show its unique effect.