Tungsten Carbide Knives Shapes

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Our tungsten carbide knives are used in the production of medical equipment, corrugated materials, tapes, automotive seals and other applications where precise cuts are needed, such as cutting paper, cloth, rayon, rubber, leather, cork, tobacco, plastic, cellophane, cardboard, strawboard, asbestos and other fibrous materials and so on. In general, tungsten carbide knives are usually used in the following industries: metal sheet processing, paper sheet, cigarette, packaging, plastics, rubber, textile etc.
Our knives can be divided into triangular tungsten carbide knives, oblong tungsten carbide knives and disposable tungsten carbide knives by shape.

Triangular tungsten carbide knives
Having a consistent size and tip angle, this kind of tungsten carbide knives successfully replace glass and razor blades in a variety of sectioning and block facing applications. The sharp edge lasts through thousands of sections, eliminating mid-procedure knife changes and frequent reordering while enhancing productivity. These knives fit tightly in the glass knife holders of most microtome, are easy to handle and reduce the risk of cuts to your hands.
It willl fit all ultramicrotomes with glass knife stages. Section samples that will destroy glass knives and disposable steel knives. Able to section larger specimens than possible with diamond knives. Sections hard specimens like bone and teeth and other difficult samples.

Oblong tungsten carbide knives
These cost effective knives offer outstanding section quality, easily cutting through a variety of densities with consistency and are unconditionally guaranteed. Chinatungsten Online  guarantees a one-week turnaround time on new knives and start-up technical assistance through a large network of users.

Disposable tungsten carbide knives
These knives are appreciated by technicians looking for improved productivity and versatility when sectioning plastic. They feature a low angle (35°) for best quality sections of soft samples. Try them for your toughest cryostat sectioning problems, too! Chinatungsten maintains an inventory of starter kits and replacement blade packs for immediate shipment, and offers start-up assistance through a network of users.