Tungsten Carbide Knives Action

Tungsten Carbide Knives Action picture

Since the middle of last century, due to the rapid development of the industrial sector and science and technology, making all kinds of new structures, new materials and precision parts of complex shape appeared in large numbers, and the growing complexity of product structure requirements, performance requirements increasing, particularly in the aviation, cutting-edge technologies in aerospace and military have become increasingly prominent. For some products such as precision, speed, power and miniaturization of rising demand, some products require high temperature, high pressure or corrosion environment to work reliably. In order to achieve these requirements, certain parts of the structure of the product tends to be complex, high precision, small roughness parameters, the material used for the machining tool wear increases, resulting in direct economic losses. Tungsten carbide knives with high hardness, wear resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good chemical stability and a series of excellent performance, which can solve the problem of this series:

1. To solve the problem of various processing difficult materials. Due to the material being processed is a variety of high hardness, high toughness, high brittleness of metal materials, hardness higher cutting tools, carbide cutting tools so that the extensive use of the material. Especially after indexable and coatings tungsten carbide knives exist, the production of rapid growth,
2. Solve the problem of durability of various high hardness of the tool. Due to the high hardness materials processing, high brittleness, making cutting tools with high stress concentration and poor cooling, accelerated expansion tool microcracks resulting shortened tool life, increase the added cost, the impact of the economic efficiency of Lent. Tungsten carbide knives hardness up HRA87 more, more than twice the Rockwell hardness of steel knife, with a higher superiority.
3. Solve a variety of high hardness cutter grinding problems. Due to the high hardness of the tool outstanding hardness, resulting in low efficiency of the traditional method of grinding and poor results. Tungsten carbide knives have good polishing properties, can be processed into a mirror-smooth surface, the wear resistance of 15 to 20 times higher than the best of high-speed steel.