Tungsten Carbide Knives Benefits

Tungsten Carbide Knives Benefits picture

Benefits of >tungsten carbide knives:
Compared to HSS, and D2, Tungsten carbide knives has many advantages which are suitable for many slitting applications. The most important advantage is very long running life. In many situations, it can be as much as 10 to 20 times as seen in the corrugated container industry. The mirror finish provides protection from glue adhering to the knife which in turn protects against knife breakage caused by uneven pressure. The sharper cutting edge produces less dust, making for a cleaner working environment. Although the Tungsten Carbide knife is brittle, the high cobalt content increases overall strength. In addition, the new process HIP, (High Isothermal Pressure) improves knife stability dramatically.

Tungsten carbide provides a long lasting edge in high volume production settings with cutting knives that will remain flat and straight. Our tungsten carbide knives can be re-sharpened to extend life and keep replacement costs managed.
It is well known that cutting tool is easily damaged. Tool life directly affects the mechanization. According to this problem, the knives made of high-hard tungsten carbide materials by our company in the tool manufacturing materials greatly improved tool life. Tungsten carbide knives are what you want for tough cutting jobs. Known for their extreme durability, tungsten carbide knives are the powerhouses of the blade industry. Not only are they durable, but they also provide cleaner cuts than traditional steel blades. With proper care, your tungsten carbide knives could be with you for as long as you're in business.

The advantages compared with diamond knives:
Compared with diamond knives, tungsten carbide knives will fit all ultra-micro tomes with glass knife stages. Section samples will destroy glass knives and steel knives. Also, it able to sections larger specimens than possible with diamond knives. Sections hard specimens like bone and teeth and other difficult samples. Tungsten carbide Knives are a fraction of the cost of diamond knives and are more durable than all other knives.